Smart Wiring

Smart Wiring for the Smart Home

Home smart wiring might probably be your best investment ever!

Your home is possibly your single most valuable investment. Make sure it stays that way with pre-wiring infrastructure, which involves the low voltage cables that distribute high-speed voice, video and data capabilities to every room of your home.

With technology so rapidly changing, there is no better solution than ISV allowing you to take advantage of current technologies and flexibility to accommodate any future products.

The basis of any smart home is one structured cabling system, in which all electrical, A/V, phone, data and control wiring radiates from one central location.

his smart wiring makes it simple to interface the systems with each other and update or reconfigure systems as new technologies arrive or new products are added.

With the rollout of National Broadband Network (NBN) you will find out that services such as Pay TV, Free-To-Air TV, Internet-based TV and Telecommunications will be increasingly delivered over this platform, thus bringing them into one single point in home where they will then be distributed to required locations.

SV offers years of experience in designing, installation and integration of the Structured Cabling Systems for domestic and commercial premises.

We offer consultation on the future proof home wiring to save your money and add great value to the home.

Future proof home wiring means being one step ahead in the world of the high tech innovation. We are currently designing the most efficient and effective wiring system for your home.