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Home smart wiring might probably be your best investment ever!!!

Your home is possibly your single most valuable investment. Make sure it stays that way with pre-wiring infrastructure, which involves the low voltage cables that distribute high-speed voice, video and data capabilities to every room of your home. With technology so rapidly changing, there is no better solution than ISV allowing you to take advantage of current technologies and flexibility to accommodate any future products.

Smart Wiring for the Smart Home

The basis of any smart home is one structured cabling system, in which all electrical, A/V, phone, data and control wiring radiates from one central location. This smart wiring makes it simple to interface the systems with each other and update or reconfigure systems as new technologies arrive or new products are added.

With the rollout of National Broadband Network (NBN) you will find out that services such as Pay TV, Free-To-Air TV, Internet-based TV and Telecommunications will be increasingly delivered over this platform, thus bringing them into one single point in home where they will then be distributed to required locations.

ISV advanced home wiring solution allows you to network

  • Computer systems
  • Pay TV cabling
  • Video and sound
  • Security systems
  • Home automation
  • Multiple phone lines
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Broadband Internet
  • and much more…

What do we offer?

ISV offers years of experience in designing, installation and integration of the Structured Cabling Systems for domestic and commercial premises. We offer consultation on the future proof home wiring to save your money and add great value to the home.

Future proof home wiring means being one step ahead in the world of the high tech innovation. We are currently designing the most efficient and effective wiring system for your home.

How do we work?

We will make an appointment with you in order to determine your needs, desires, expectations and budget as well. Then we will formulate the right and the most cost-effective solution based on all of those requirements and start designing your home structured wiring.

We will also be working with your builders, designers and with you personally for making sure that your dream of living in smart home comes true.

What’s the best time to do home wiring?
The ideal time for installing one home network is while your home is being built. It is much easier and cheaper to run all cabling throughout your home before walls are finished.

What are the benefits?

  • It is relatively inexpensive to install
  • Smart wiring can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home
  • It gives you the infrastructure to be able to manage your home’s comfort (security, cameras), entertainment (home theatre, video, multi-room audio, TV) and communication (home and office networking)
  • It prepares your home for future home automation functions that could considerably reduce the future costs

Why Use ISV Home Smart Wiring Solutions?

Perhaps the single best reason for choosing ISV Solutions for the next project is our ability to look after all the aspects of your smart home cabling design – covering A/V, networking, security, lighting, Security Alarm, Wireless Sonos, communications and the control.

Your smart home’s wiring is its central nervous system. It defines what is possible in the home, both now and in future. Having multiple contractors working on independent home automation systems is not only difficult to manage, but almost always creates issues with the compatibility, usability and the functionality, and generally takes longer and costs more.

The simple answer is to use one supplier that can do it all – ISV will design and integrate the smart home wiring solution to give you one system that will be a joy to use and will be able to meet your needs for years to come.

Talking to us at commencement of your project ensures that each and every requirement is taken care of from the very beginning, eliminates the nasty surprises, and saves time and lots of money.

We can design and install one wiring system that integrates all your existing and future Audio Visual, Music, and Communication needs, all at one affordable modular fixed price including with in-home training and documentation.

We deal with all aspects of the home Communication and AV wiring needs from all cabling to installation of your TV’s and AV equipment.

So contact us if you would like to be able to:

  • Install future Home Entertainment Technology and know all the features will work out of the box
  • Watch Foxtel, DVD or Free-to-air TV reception in any room of home and control channels with your IR remote or the Ipod etc
  • Have ability to install Foxtel or simular set-up box / digital decoder into any room in home as and when needed
  • Have volume control music in different areas (zones) of home with multiple music inputs (sources) playing independently
  • Listen to the music and or watch TV in your outdoor entertainment areas (with iPod or Android control)
  • Have one fully immersive Home Cinema, Game or Theatre experience (enjoy latest HD sound and Bluray experience)
  • Operate one home office with all latest communication technologies
  • Get the best picture on the HD TV (high spec HDMI connections etc)
  • Change room’s function from time to time (bedroom to office etc)
  • Be ready for speeds of Fiber Optic communication age
  • Add future buyer appeal and value to the home
  • Enjoy the Networked HD TV, Blu-ray DVD and all latest technology