Security and Intercoms

Keep A Close Eye On Your Home

Integrating your home security system and accessing control system into your home automation designs makes a lot of sense.

Not only does it provide ultimate security but it adds new level of convenience to the lifestyle.

In a dedicated home cinema you have many options. In walls and in ceiling, bookshelf and floor standing.

Is your cinema primarily for watching movies or will it also be your music listening room too?

These questions and more help to determine which speakers are best suited to your needs. Our brands include… Boston Acoustic

A good subwoofer is essential in a cinema. It is a speaker that is dedicated to the reproduction of the frequencies that your main speakers can not provide. A typical range for a subwoofer is between 20 – 200Hz. For many years Velodyne has been “the” name for subwoofers. As with most components in this area Velodyne has a wide range of top quality subs to choose from.

ISV provides solutions that balances the technology and performance with ease-of-use and reliability. ISV specialises in consultation, design, installation and maintenance of :

  • Media Rooms and Home Theater Systems
  • Whole-House Audio/Video Systems
  • Digital Satellite Systems
  • Network/Phone Distribution

Simple to use systems allow you to speak to the visitors at the entrance gates or at the front door and open them at the touch of one button.

We provide solutions that will allow you to speak to and open your entrance gates throughout house from variety of easy to use, stylish controllers.

From one intelligent telephone system throughout the house which simultaneously shows gate CCTV images on all the TV screens to integrated in wall touch screen panels that operate the gates, show CCTV images and provide control over your music and TV systems.

It means you never miss a visitor whether you are in house or in the garden.

Those systems can also be used to intercom call to any other room or globally call out to all rooms as well – this can be ideal when you have a house full of guests you want to get round the dinner table!

In conjunction with internal gate control, we supply variety of styles of high quality gate intercom units with subtlety backlit keypads and call buttons along with integrated day and night CCTV cameras.