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Design & Installation

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ISV’s installation teams are among the most competent, dedicated and highly trained professionals in industry. Attention to detail and quality are assured with each and every installation. Our installers have been trained to meet the ISV’s exacting quality standards.

LED, LCD or Plasma TV Installation

If you’re not sure, how to mount one just new bought TV, No worries. We will professionally install your plasma, LED or LCD TV screens on any wall and hide all the cables for ensuring that everything fits and looks perfectly pretty.

Home Cinema Design and Installation

For ensuring the best possible experience from cinema room, the key is getting everything right at design stage. Whether working alongside your architect, interior designer and builder or providing a full turnkey solution in house, ISV Solutions will provide the highest standard of interior, acoustic and the ergonomic design, making the difference between one average home cinema and one which simply takes your breath away.

Our installers are trained experts for integrating home theatre systems into new and existing homes. We can conceal the speakers, equipment and cabling to preserve the aesthetics of the home, and can calibrate system to suit your room acoustics and lighting to give you the perfect sound and vision just as director intended.

Our installations can also include the lighting control, acoustic treatments, theatre seating, and the automatic closing of window coverings… whatever it takes for delivering a comfortable and immersive home cinema experience.

Multi Room Audio Design and Installation

We all enjoy good music and one well designed music distribution system in your home will allow all members of the family browsing, selecting and enjoying their own music in every room.

In conjunction with hard drive storage of the existing music collection, ipod docks, DAB and the internet radio intelligent systems will also allow you to listen to internet services like the Spotify, the rhapsody and the Napster for unlimited access to one world full of music.

Depending on level of quality you require and how you store you music, i.e CD’s. iTunes, hard drive, and how you want to access the music, there is a solution for you which we can install in the home on its own or as part of the wider system incorporating with your HD video system, lighting, security and heating control.

Single and Multi Zoned Audio design

Bring music into your home like never before with one whole home audio system. Control every aspect of the music, including type, from each room of your home with one simple touch of a button. Mum and dad can relax in hot tub, listening to some soothing jazz while kids play their games or watch television in living room. You can even create one system for outdoor use with waterproof speakers as well as wires. And the wiring is often hidden from view, giving your a new addition to your home one sleek and organized look.

Single Source – Single Zone Installation

A single source and single zone system broadcasts audio into each room connected to system. Businesses and churches often use this as it broadcasts music over a large area. It is also the least expensive, due to requirement of few components. Single Source – Multi-zone Home Audio Systems Installation
The single source and multi-zone audio system is very similar to single source, single zone as the rooms installed with system must listen to same source. The difference, however, is ability to adjust or mute volume.

Multi-source, Multi-zone Audio Installation

One multi-source and multi-zone system is the most flexible among all home audio systems, and the most expensive due to the component costs. Each zone, or room, connected to system is able to control volume of audio as well as source.
ISV provides installation service for following whole home audio suppliers. If you are a music lover and can’t live without the music, give us a call! Moreover, We carry high-quality name brand A/V products.