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5 Common CCTV and Security Camera Problems & the Solutions!

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CCTV is one of the most vital form of security system that is being prioritised everywhere from business to home. Due to its versatility and the ability to monitor everything easily from a distance, it is preferred by almost everyone who needs a security system. Nevertheless, since it is a piece of electrical equipment, just like any other electrical system it can malfunction too. In this blog we will discuss about 5 common CCTV and security camera problems and how to fix them.

Blur image at night:

Do you face one of these issues where your camera is working brilliantly during the daytime while providing blurred images at night or dark? It is one of the most common problems reported by the CCTV security users. Back focusing will easily solve this issue. To do that, optimise the camera focus for dull lighting condition and open the camera iris. This is an essential part of zoom lenses and will give you better picture quality while using the zooming of the camera.

Picture not displaying in camera:

Another common problem faced by the CCTV user is the picture not displaying on the camera. One of the main reasons for this is the loss of power supply.

  1. This could happen because of using a low-voltage CCTV camera. Inspect the fuse and the power supply of your security system. If you find any issues with the power supply, resolve it immediately and you will notice immediate improvement.
  2. However, if this is not the case then you should examine the cables and wirings to check for any shorts. If this is the case, unplug the cable and use a meter to identify the issue. If you find the problem, replace the cable.

Bright spots on the monitor:

If the CCTV is installed in front of a bright light, then you might get this problem on the monitor. If you are facing this issue, just reposition your camera at an appropriate angle to avoid the problem. However, if the problem still persists, try replacing the brighter lights with dimmer ones.

Snowy bars on the screen:

Seeing snowy bars on your CCTV monitor can be an issue with electrical interference, magnetic resonance or radio waves. To fix these kinds of issues, use better quality camera cables that are designed to resist such intrusions. Also make sure that the cables are installed away from the electrical or network cable routes otherwise, electrical influxes from other cables will once again create this problem.

Identification problems:

This is a major issue that can render the CCTV and security cameras useless. It may sound funny, however lots of cameras can present these kinds of problems where it becomes difficult to identify a person or object during times of an incident. Therefore, it is important to do a test run that ends with a trial situation to verify any such issue. If you catch this problem reposition your camera at a better angle with clear focus on the entrance gates and other places necessary.

Therefore, if you are planning to install a new security system in your home, office or workplace keep these above-mentioned things in mind.