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5 Best Home Security & Alarm Systems for Home & Office!

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Having your home safe and secured is essential in this day and age. With crime rates increasing persistently the risk of losing your valuables are far greater than it used to be. Thanks to the advancement in technology protecting our homes have become much more easier. With innovation in our home security system safe guarding our homes from thefts, burglaries, intrusions and mishaps has become easier than before.

Which home security alarm system is the best for Home?

Nowadays, We can sleep peacefully at night or travel away from home with a peace of mind knowing that our house is safe and secured. However, with so many CCTV & Security Cameras available in the market nowadays, it certainly becomes difficult for us to choose the ones that we need. Therefore, if you want to install effective security system at home, here are 5 essential home-based security systems that will make your house a safe haven.

Monitored Alarm System

If you have a local alarm system installed at your house that is fine. However, monitored alarm system is a more advanced version of your usual local home security system. The reason that it stands out is because it is integrated with monitoring services besides an alarm. In case the alarm gets tripped, professional personnel are available 24/7, 365 days a year to monitor your house and protect your house from any kinds of intrusion or mishap.

The moment there is an intrusion, an agent will call you to verify whether it was a false alarm or a break-in. In case of an incident, the authorities will be alerted on your behalf to facilitate the arrival of police in minutes.

Smoke alarm system

It is one of the most commonly used home security system that successfully guards not only your house but office, business and even factories against fire and smoke. The system is incorporated with a series of hardwired smoke detectors and strobe lights that efficiently detects smoke from fire or even carbon monoxide and triggers a smoke alarm swiftly.

The best part about the smoke alarm is that the protection can be strengthened further by installing a heat detector and a sprinkler system. That way, if your premise catches fire, the alarm will easily detect it by measuring the level of heat and smoke and release water from the sprinkler system thus saving plenty of precious lives.

Burglar alarm system

It is one of the most vital features in a home security system.  It is usually incorporated with window, high-quality motion detectors and doors and gates sensors. In case the sensors are tripped, a signal follows to the primary control panel which in turns sets off a loud alarm and notifies the police of a breach in the premises.

The alarm systems are monitored by a centralised monitoring system comprising of security signs that are attached to the doors and windows to warn off thefts, intrusions or burglaries.

Medical Alarm system

A medical alarm system is used to get instant help for patients who are home bound. For example, patients who are under home care or elderly parents who are bed ridden and needs to be looked after constantly.  The system contains an emergency button on the keypad and is incorporated with your overall home security alarm system. When the button is pressed, it alerts the security organisation and they take swift steps to provide the all the necessary medical help required to improve the condition of the patient.

Critical alarm system

This system protects your house against leaks that are both detected and undetected. With time your house is susceptible to leaks. Water related damage is a fairly common occurrence that damages plenty of houses all over the world. Leaks can be small or large, detected or negligible enough to be undetected.

Nevertheless, they gradually build up over time due to roof and gutter issues or growth of molds and fungus and many other problems. Water slowly flows through these leaks and damage the interior and exterior walls of your house alongside flooding the basement if left undetected for long. Critical alarm can efficiently detect these leaks by monitoring the plumbing and heating system while you are away from home. The system even notifies your security organisation when the pipe bursts.