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With the costs of home cinema equipment dropping and technology getting better all the time there has never been a better time to enjoy watching your favorite show, game or movie. A projector is still the most cost effective way to have a big picture (2.25 meters wide plus). Technology is already to the stage where you can get high definition projectors that will screen 3D.

TV And Home Theatre Installation

A good AV receiver and speaker system is essential to allow you to hear the sounds as the director intended. Integra, Marantz and Yamaha are the brands that we recommend.

Speakers Installation

In a dedicated home cinema you have many options. In walls and in ceiling, bookshelf and floor standing. Is your cinema primarily for watching movies or will it also be your music listening room too ? These questions and more help to determine which speakers are best suited to your needs. Our brands include … Boston Acoustic

A good subwoofer is essential in a cinema. It is a speaker that is dedicated to the reproduction of the frequencies that your main speakers can not provide. A typical range for a subwoofer is between 20 – 200Hz. For many years Velodyne has been “the” name for subwoofers. As with most components in this area Velodyne has a wide range of top quality subs to choose from.

ISV provides solutions that balances the technology and performance with ease-of-use and reliability. ISV specialises in consultation, design, installation and maintenance of :

  • Media Rooms and Home Theater Systems
  • Whole-House Audio/Video Systems
  • Digital Satellite Systems
  • Network/Phone Distribution

We make home entertainment easy

ISV designs and installs residential and commercial electronic systems as well. Every system we install features simple to use entertainment technology that fits in seamlessly with your existing style as well as decor.

The centerpiece of every ISV home entertainment system is a premium high definition television (HDTV). Modern HDTVs come in variety of screen sizes to fit nearly any situation, from conveniently compact to breathtakingly large. With wide viewing angles, minimal light reflection and amazingly thin profiles, they’re sure to be right at home in your entertainment system.

ISV can help you recreate the cinema experience right in your own home. Our dedicated home theater room is designed specifically for entertainment: enjoying movies, sports, TV, and video.

Designing and installing state-of-the-art media rooms is the core of what we do at the ISV. Media rooms are common living areas with one complete home entertainment system, usually including LCD, LED or plasma HDTV, cable or satellite high-definition DVR, 5.1-channel surround sound system, and DVD or Blu-ray Disc players.

What we provide

  • ISV provides premier home electronic solutions that balances technology and performs with ease-of-use and reliability. Whether the project is house-wide, integrated Audio/Video/Ethernet/Telecommunications system, Media room, complete Home Theater, or simply installing your new TV, ISV will get it done on time and on budget as well.
  • ISV works with clients to select the touch screen remote control system to make operating the high performance system convenient. ISV doesn’t expect clients to read the owner’s manuals, or keep a collection of remote controls on the coffee table. And, clients can count on ISV to be responsive and available after sale to ensure all equipment continues to perform.

ISV provides:

  • Consultation on equipment, purchases and placement
  • Collaboration with architects, designers and builders
  • Installation and calibration for optimum performance
  • User interface design and programming to ensure simple, reliable operation
  • Client education to ensure maximum enjoyment
  • Long-term maintenance to protect investments
  • ISV will also collaborate with the architects, interior designers or builders for achieving one seamless solution that will continue to meet the client’s needs both today and as requirements change over time.

Cinematic experience at your own home

For the best possible movie experience, one dedicated cinema room in your home will provide an experience un-matched by even your local multiplex. Our dedicated cinema room incorporate tiers of luxurious electric reclining cinema seats, very best projector, speakers, electronics and acoustic treatments for ensuring that you enjoy huge razor sharp lifelike images and jaw dropping immersive surround sound.

Every cinema room we create is completely custom-made and designed around your room, your family and how you wish to use the room.

Whatever level of the involvement you would like us to have in your project we have only one single goal in mind – To deliver the best possible cinema experience for your budget.

Stunning Lighting

When designing a dedicated Home Cinema Room, one often overlooked element is lighting. Ensuring your cinema has suitable lighting circuits and fittings to reflect how your room will be used will not only enhance look of room but also performance of system.

By combining the soft discrete hidden feature, lights, step lights, spot lights and the anti glare wall sconces we can certainly create perfect lighting mood for relaxing to watch TV, settling down for any movie or even lighting pathway to bathroom during intermission all at a touch of the button on your remote control.

Cinema Seats and Accessories

As you sit in one relatively fixed position whilst watching film, which could be up to three hours long, one comfortable seat will allow you to relax in complete comfort for the total duration of the film.

Part of creating cinema experience is tiers of the cinema seats; this is probably key factor in making your room feels like “REAL” cinema. To this end the ISV provides special cinema seats in variety of styles, finishes and shapes from the very best manufacturers in business to perfectly match your seats to interior design of your room.

Sound and Picture calibration

Whatever level of investment you are going to make in your home cinema room, unless system is calibrated and optimised you will never get the best out of equipments you have purchased. As with any high performance sports car, tuning of engine makes difference between the average performance and exceptional performance.

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